The SOLAS convention specifies the safety requirements of ships in international transport activities, mainly in the following subjects: the structure of the ship, its stability, machinery, electrical installation, fire safety, life-saving devices, navigation system, communication system and transportation of loads. These safety arrangements should be incorporated into the ships starting from the design phase of the ships and maintained throughout the life of the ship.

In accordance with the provisions of the SOLAS contract that entered into force in 2016 in our country, States parties have an obligation to increase the life safety of the ships, the cargo in the sea and the people on board. With the SOLAS agreement, it is aimed to announce and apply the maritime rules in terms of safe navigation at sea, trained seafarers and prevention of environmental pollution.

In accordance with the SOLAS contract, the ships are mainly given the following documents:

    Cargo ship security build certificate
    Cargo ship security equipment certificate
    Cargo ship security radio certificate
    Passenger ship security certificate
    Cargo ship security certificate
    Safety certificate for high speed boats
    Mass transport of liquefied gases
    Certificate of conformity for bulk gases
    International certificate of conformity for bulk gases
    Hazardous chemical transport
    Certificate of conformity for bulk chemicals
    International certificate of conformity for bulk chemicals

In short, the main goal of the SOLAS contract is to set minimum safety standards for the construction, equipment and operation of merchant ships. Each country is obliged to ensure that ships under its flag comply with this contract. SOLAS certification is proof that this obligation has been met.

Among our various testing and certification services by our organization, SOLAS test and certification services are also provided.