Quality Assurance Notification (QAN)
Typically we only test a small sample of products as part of any approval. The Quality Assurance Notification is therefore involved with the continued monitoring of systems and processes in relation to those Ex products. It involves periodic audit of the manufacturing process by a qualified auditor.
Certain exclusions apply as not all conformity routes mandate a quality assurance requirement. For more information, please contact us.
ATEX Quality Assurance Notification (QAN)
The manufacturer must comply with the appropriate Annex(es) of the Directive (IV, V, VI, VII or IX) applicable dependent upon designation of the equipment (zone), whether they are mass produced or built in a batch.
The audit of the manufacturing location (and possibly any other sites that are involved with the manufacture of the product) typically covers a review of records and a check of the design specification of the equipment. A surveillance audit then takes place approximately every 18 months, (12 months if ISO 9001 certification is not held) with a new ATEX QAN certificate issued every 3 years.

Quality Assurance for APIĀ  Standard Series

Series 1: Belting
Series 2: Offshore Structures
Series 4: Derricks and Masts
Series 5: Tubular Goods
Series 6: Valves and Wellhead Equipment
Series 7: Drilling Equipment
Series 8: Hoisting Tools
Series 9: Wire Rope
Series 10: Oil Well Cements
Series 11: Production Equipment
Series 12: Lease Production Vessels
Series 13: Drilling Fluid Materials
Series 14: Offshore Safety and Anti-Pollution
Series 15: Fiberglass and Plastic Pipe
Series 16: Drilling Well Control Systems
Series 17: Subsea Production Systems
Series 19: Completion Equipment

Quality Assurance for ASTMĀ  Standard Series

Selection and Application of Piping System Materials
ASTM F1155-10
Carbon Steel Forgings for Piping Applications
ASTM A105/A105M-18
Entrainment Separators for Use in Marine Piping Applications
ASTM F1006-86
Metallic Press-Connect Fittings for Piping and Tubing Systems
ASTM F3226/F3226M-19
Welded Joints for Shipboard Piping Systems
ASTM F722-18

Chemistry (200, 300 & 400 series stainless steels) Per ASTM A751 and ASTM E1086