Smoke & Fire ventilation systems are Life Safety Systems designed to facilitate the safe escape of occupants in the event of a fire and also enable the fire to be fought in its early stages.​​

Our Testing Standards

BS 476- 24 Fire tests on building materials and structures: Method for determination of the fire resistance of ventilation ducts.
EN 1366-1 Fire resistance tests for service installations - Part 1: Ducts
EN 12101-1 Smoke and heat control systems - Part 1: Specification for smoke barriers
EN 12101-2 Smoke and heat control systems - Part 2: Specification for natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators
EN 12101-3 Smoke and heat control systems. Part 3 Specification for powered smoke and heat exhaust ventilation.

NFPA 15 - Fixed water spray systems for fire protection
UL 260 - Dry Pipe and Deluge Valves for Fire-Protection Service
FM 2000 - Control mode sprinklers, which produce large droplets at low pressures